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Using Online Resources To Promote Your Freelance Career

Becoming a freelancer has many advantages and disadvantages you should make sure you are aware of before you commit to becoming a freelancer full time. Freelance work differs from normal employment in that you are working for someone else for a fixed period or for a contracted term that means you do not have the steady income of traditional employment. Because of this you have to make sure that you have a way of being able to pick up extra work more easily in case work from one client might stop.

As a freelancer you need to make sure that your unique selling points are known to potential employers. Employers look to outsource work because their in-house employees might not have the correct skills required to the job. If you can show that you are able to do things better, quicker and cheaper than any of their employees then you can have a chance to win the business that is offered. If you can market yourself in a professional way then clients will get a favorable picture of you and so will come back to you with more job offers.

There are some great websites now out there for people to get themselves more exposure in which ever field they are working in. Sites like LinkedIn allow you to have an online presence easily so anyone can get on the web for potential employers to find out about you. Even if you are not a freelance web designer you can still get yourself a website or blog up and running by using WordPress or Blogger so that people can read about your services and find out how good you are from testimonials or work related tips on your site.

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can be another way to get your name known among other freelancers and even among potential clients. If you build up followers of people in your industry then you can find out more quickly about conferences, or even potential jobs that are out there, and if you are getting stuck on one of your projects perhaps you can share information between like minded freelancers to help you get your job done.

Online notice boards are a great way to find out answers to commonly asked questions within your industry. You can also use them to network with other freelancers and industry colleagues who again might be able to pass work your way. They also allow you to chat with like minded people about something you might love doing when there is no one at home who can hold the conversation with you.

Twitter is a great resource as it can connect you with a huge number of people that are potentially looking for someone to do some work for them. You can very easily set up a Twitter profile that can be used to link to your own website and provide a very cost effective way to contact all your colleagues, clients and potential employers all in one go. Perhaps you can use it to notify them of press releases or important pieces of work which have been completed for everyone to view. To get more followers on twitter you must try to engage trending topics. Chose your location and search for trending topics and start posting meaningful tweets about trending topics. By using this tip you will be able to get followers who will engage with your content.

If you do decide to go down the route of using social media sites to promote your work then it is a good idea to have separate work and social accounts, after all you don’t want your next boss to see that photo of you at the local disco strutting your moves at the weekend. Having two separate personas can mean that only the work you are showing to the important people who will be paying your bills. Make sure you take all the chances you can to get you name out there as any promotion of your services is a great chance to get more business and get some more clients who will use your services in the future.

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