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How To Find Do-follow Blogs

We all know that commenting on blogs is a quick and easy way to get backlinks to your website. Blogs often have high DA on their posts and you can find posts that are very much on-topic, which scores you an extra Google-point for links from related sites.

SEO experts say that you should keep your backlinks natural and not only comment on do-follow blogs, or else they say that you should not worry about DA, but focus on traffic instead. For search engine rankings, the only links that are going to help are do-follow links. In Google at least.

The thing is, many bloggers do not know about SEO and do not even realize that the platforms that they use gives external links automatically a no-follow attribute. Or bloggers believe that PR juice can leak and worry that links to commentators are going to cost them their rankings. In the end it is not easy to find do-follow blogs in a specific niche.

Now here are a few tools that you can use to find do-follow blogs.

Finding blog posts can easily be done with Google Blog Search or by creating a Google Alert. You will see little excerpts or the meta description, just as you will find in Google Search Results. It won't tell you any other details about the page that could be of any use for SEO or link building.

Comment Hunt is a free tool that allows you to find keyword related blog posts. You can sort the posts found by DA, which is really useful. However, it does not say whether the blog uses a do-follow plugin or not. You can use a Firefox add-on for that, of course, and highlight the no-follow links.

Comment Kahuna A much used and praised tool, that does check the attribute of comment links. It only finds a few blogs per keyword, though.

EzyBlogFinderdoes not seem to be used that much. And there is a good reason for it.

Then there is an online tool at SEO Traffic Guide. It is still in beta. It is pretty good at searching. It finds really thousands of related posts. Sorting the do-follows and no-follows is not optimized yet and again you will have to use a Firefox add-on to highlight the no-follow links.

Then, there is the Fast Blog Finder of G-Lock. The free edition finds only 50 blogs per keyword, of which perhaps just one or two do-follow blogs. If you are not willing to pay for a tool, then the Fast Blog Finder is not for you. The free version simply allows you a glimpse of the Gold Edition, but is not really helpful as a tool. However, the tool is very accurate in finding do-follow blogs, which is not really the case with all previous tools.

The Gold Edition of Fast Blog Finder costs US$49. It finds hundreds of related blog post per search query, checks DA, checks the last 10 blog posts to determine whether it is do follow or not, it checks the number of outgoing links per page, and with the latest can only be expected to work efficiently.