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Getting Over Impotence with Effective ED Medications

The desire of every man is to keep his family together. This has, however, proven difficult after the inset of erectile dysfunction. This is a problem that faces men where they are incapable of getting reliable erection for penetration. The good news, on the other hand, is that erectile dysfunction treatment does exist. All that a person needs to do is conduct a research to determine the best medication to use. In this stage, erectile dysfunction causes have to be evaluated and comparison made among the available medications. Some of the most effective medications are listed below.

For many years now, Viagra has been known to be the most effective of all erectile dysfunction medications. Statistically speaking, it has been found that over 20 million men across the globe use the medication. The results have been exceptional with 88% efficiency. However, before turning to this erectile dysfunction treatment, it is always a great idea to get medical checkups. The medication has been found unsuitable for people with certain health problems such as heart attacks. In addition to that, the effects are short lived. Viagra has to be taken at least 30 minutes before a sexual activity.

Cialis is another effective group of impotence pills that has been known to present exceptional results. The main reason why many people opt for the medication is due to the fact that the effects in erectile dysfunction treatment are long lasting. This is a medication that has been known to present the longest effects in erectile dysfunction treatment. The effects can last for up to 36 hours. This is almost 8 times longer than the effects of Viagra and Levitra. In light terms, the medication is referred to as the ‘weekend pill’. Cialis once daily is a new erectile dysfunction medication that is taken on a daily basis.

Levitra is the second most effective medication in erectile dysfunction treatment. The medication is different in that it is made of low dosage strength thereby making it more tolerable by the human body. In the same line, Levitra Oradispersible has been introduced. This is the only dissolved medication used in treating erectile dysfunction causes in the market. The fact that it can be dissolved, the medication is more effective since it gets absorbed into the body almost instantly. The tablet can dissolved on the tongue within seconds. However, the medication needs to be taken 20 minutes prior to the sexual activity.


Getting the right medication for erectile dysfunction treatment is not the final stage. A person needs to make further considerations so as to benefit fully from the option taken. It is imperative that one evaluates the cause of ED and what can be done to prevent its worsening. Masturbation has been known to play a role in ED hence the need to stay away from the practice. Additionally, the anti-impotence pills and sexual performance pillslike VigaPlus, VigRX Plus pills and CaliPlus have to be purchased from the right stores. All in all, before turning to the medication, get consultation from the experts. The erectile dysfunction online consultation could be of great help.