Internet Marketing

Get More Traffic: Social Networking And Traffic Leverage

Do you remember the good old days in school where the most popular guy was the one who would get all the girls? Do you know what the equivalent is on the internet? It’s a popularity contest!

Everywhere, you can see people posting blogs, coming up with stupid videos, writing reports, sending free stuff to your account, have more traffic to your website…
It’s how popular you are. Which means, people will have to like you. If you are unable to establish likability (or even curiosity) it will not have this kind of effect. Here are some elements that determine if you are popular.
An affiliate program - this makes you popular because it makes them money. In fact, the more products you have it's better. The better your products are managed, you are more popular.
A national/international best selling book - this use to boost credibility all the way.
Friends in high places - this is credibility by association. If you don’t do this already, you might be missing out on a LOT.
High quality of content - think about it. People who are more credible have more insight, more ideas and can help others who may not know that much. The information that helps them, helps the individual marketer
The ability to hold a conversation - this is important because if you are an extremely successful marketer but can’t connect with people for nuts, I think you  may be famous, but  it doesn’t add value to your credibility, because people don’t know you.
Public appearances, but little public contact. This one I saw from the book on the 48 Laws of Power. You can appear in public, be revered, then disappear mysteriously. Of course, in a world like ours, if you try to lie, it screams ’scam’.
Easily found on Search Engines. This one is part of SEO, and after 2 years, I still find it difficult to explain in writing…
Lots of multimedia content. If you have the capability to do so, how about podcasting and vodcasting? People can see you and hear you. Bodes well for credibility - especially if the content is compelling.
So, what are you doing about increasing your popularity across the board?